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Whim Waffle Snacks
Why wait to have waffles on Sunday mornings?

With Whim, you can eat waffles anywhere, anytime with honest ingredients you can trust. The waffle snacks' portable packaging makes them easy to bring to work, class and share with friends (but sharing them is up to you).

Whim is a new take on a project I did in high school that made me want to pursue a degree in graphic design. Revisiting this project during my senior year of college was a cool way to see how my design skills have evolved in four years.

Design Problem

I wanted to create a brand and product that was a fun and healthy take on my favorite food. I also wanted it to be something that could be taken anywhere and shared with others. 


I found that this was hard to achieve while creating the logo and branding. I couldn’t find the right balance of creating a brand that was fun for young adults without seeming childish or plain. I felt like the sans serif logos were too much like a Palo Alto tech startup and didn’t fit the rest of the organic shapes and bold colors from the rest of the brand I was creating.

Design Solution

I decided to start from scratch with the logo, with pen and pencil instead of a computer. Starting with hand-drawn elements quickly started to give the logo more personality and energy. To ensure that the brand didn’t look too much like sugary cereal packaging I kept the elements simple. I focused on bold color blocking, clean illustrations and minimal decoration.


The portable, resealable packaging makes it easy to bring Whim as a treat at the end of a hike or to a gathering with friends. Each pack comes with two packets of toppings to add to the waffles.


The stationery carries over many of the brand elements used on the packaging. It uses the main “syrup” graphic and hand-drawn waffle texture. 

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