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Student Campaign
Housing and Dining at Oregon State University
Getting students to live on campus another year

Every year, the Housing and Dining department at Oregon State creates a campaign to get students to live on campus after their freshman year. The campaign educates and reminds students on all of the benefits of living on campus, including the short commute to class, food made by professional chefs and the simplicity of everything being under one bill. 

Design Problem

From the start of the project, my manager and I decided that this campaign should strictly follow the OSU brand guidelines and focus on photography. We felt the familiar branding and photography would leave more of an impact on students.


The campaign was very information-heavy so making the photos a large part of the design was a challenge.

Design Solution

I created a design that “frames” moments within a photo, snapshots of moments on campus that students can relate to. This frame became the structure for the rest of the elements of the poster to follow.

Campaign Materials

Print and digital materials made to promote the campaign

Kickoff Event

The largest piece of this campaign is the Housing Kickoff Event that many students attend to learn more about living on campus.


Students attended the event


Increase in attendance


Photos taken of the unique features of Second-Year and Above Student living spaces.

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