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Lifting the food experience for an overlooked sensory impairment 

Levo was created for a class project, with the goal of developing packaging for a product and expanding the brand behind it. Inspiration for the project was to come from the book, Why you Eat What You Eat, which explores the things that influence our eating habits.

Levo is a taste-enhancing seasoning brand for people who have a lost or reduced sense of smell. The goal of Levo is to help people increase the flavor and understanding of their food, improve culinary experiences with friends and family and grow a supportive community of people with similar experiences.

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Design Problem

The most challenging part about this project was how broad and far reaching this real-world issue of smell loss is. It impacts people different ways and would require many different solutions. I decided to focus on the impact that smell loss has on the food experience because it is where people encounter the most change in day-to-day life.


of people over 40 have measurable smell loss


of the flavor of food comes from its scent and aroma

Design Solution

Before Levo, there wasn’t much on the market to improve the food experience for people impacted by this. I created seasonings because they can be used in a lot of different ways to improve the flavor of food.


Each flavor lifts and elevates the five basic tastes that non-smellers can still enjoy; salty, sweet, bitter, sour and umami.

Seasoning Packaging

The seasonings explore the five basic tastes. With the full collection, you can explore all of the different seasonings to see what you like best.


Each jar includes educational information about why certain flavors are being used and what to use them with.

Travel Kit

With the travel kit, you can bring Levo with you everywhere to gatherings with friends and family. Food experiences outside of the home can be easily customized, freeing up possible restaurant or menu options.


Before you run out the door, throw the pouch into a bag and or put a jar into your pocket.


The website is a platform upon which a supportive community can grow around this unique impairment. People can find recipies that use Levo spices as well as a interact with the community online by asking questions, exchanging tips and sharing experiences.

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